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ABC Morning - Climate Change Panel Discussions.

Engaged Journalism and Climate Change: Lessons From an Audience-led, Locally Focused Australian Collaboration

The magnitude and impact of global warming and rising sea levels is challenging to communicate, and to comprehend, at global and local scales. Asking the public for climate change questions that are answered by scientists contributes empirical evidence on how such new approaches can expand audience trust and participation in this important discussion.

Curious Climate: Bushfires and climate change Q&A with Dr Michael Grose

Australia is in the midst of an unfolding extreme bushfire season, with far-reaching impacts for many Australians. Join us as we check in with one of CSIRO’s senior climate researchers, Dr Michael Grose, to understand the link between extreme events and their links to climate change.

Curious Climate: Eating meat or going vegan: Which diet is best for the planet?

In the first panel, scientists from the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture discuss the effect changing your diet has on climate change.

On Mornings with Leon Compton.

Curious Climate: Scientists respond to climate change sceptics

Curious Climate Tasmania is a science communication initiative that aims to bridge the gap between experts and audiences.

On Mornings with Sarah Gillman.

Curious Climate: The human health impacts

In this panel, scientists discuss how climate change will affect the health of Tasmanians.

On Mornings with Leon Compton.

Curious Climate: How will climate change affect bushfires?

In this panel discussion, fire experts from the University of Tasmania and the Tasmania Fire Service discuss how climate change will affect bushfires and how firefighters will need to respond.

On Mornings with Leon Compton.

How climate change is affecting what we grow and eat

Farmers and scientists are finding new ways to keep food on the table as rainfall patterns move and heatwaves increase.

By national regional and rural reporter Jess Davis and weather reporter Kate Doyle with graphics by Brett Tweedie

Climate-driven species on the move are changing (almost) everything

When species are pushed to the top of the mountain, where else is left to go?

By Gretta Pecl, Adriana Vergés, Ekaterina Popova and Jan McDonald

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