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Key Questions

We've looked at all the questions students have asked over the last few years, and found that some really important questions come up again and again. Here are the answers to your most asked questions.

What causes climate change?

Climate change is happening because people are using too many fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas, which release a gas called carbon dioxide into the air, acting like a blanket around the Earth and making it warmer through the greenhouse effect.

How will climate change affect our lives?

Climate change is already impacting our lives in many ways, and will continue to in the future. This includes more frequent extreme weather events, such as bushfires and floods, changes to biodiversity, and impact on how we live our lives.

Is it too late?

No, it is not too late to slow down and lessen the impacts of climate change. Due to greenhouse gasses already released in the atmosphere, there are some changes that we can't stop from happening. We can still take global and rapid change to reduce the impacts of climate change.

What can we do?

There is lots we can do individually and collectively to take action on climate change! Check out our Climate Action page for more. 

Who is behind Curious Climate Schools? Curious Climate Schools is run by climate change and education researchers the University of Tasmania. It’s funded by the Tasmanian Climate Change Office, the University’s College of Science and Engineering, and the University’s Centre for Marine Socioecology (CMS). Curious Climate Schools builds on the first successful Curious Climate project which answered climate questions in communities around Tasmania.
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We acknowledge the Palawa/Pakana people, the Traditional Custodians of lutrawita/Tasmania. We recognise and respect their collective wisdom and knowledge about country and change.
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