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Curious Climate schools

Curious Climate Toolkit

Now you've found out more about climate change, what next? 

These resources help students and teachers understand climate science and impacts further, think about how to take action on climate change and how to look after yourself and others when thinking about climate change.

Climate Science

We know very well that our planet’s climate is changing, but what is climate change and why is it happening? And has it got anything to do with the ozone hole? 

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Climate Impacts

Climate change is causing damage and loss to nature and people locally and globally, currently and into the future. Some of these impacts are irreversible, but there are things we can do to reduce our vulnerability to these changes.

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Climate Feelings

Feelings can be a signal that something’s wrong and needs our attention. They can also be motivating and can help us identify what things we are passionate about. Our feelings help us learn and guide us about how to take care of ourselves, others and our planet.

Sometimes our feelings can be uncomfortable, and they can become overwhelming. At these times, we need to find ways to bring our feelings back to a healthy balance.

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Climate Action

Ultimately, climate change is a global issue that we need governments, businesses and industries all over the world to work together to address. However, each one of us can make a difference too - by taking individual action, working together to take collective action, and by calling for larger-scale systemic change, for example, by governments and world leaders.

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