Curious Climate schools
Curious Climate schools
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Our cartoon guide answers the most asked questions about climate change and how to take action

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Climate learning, no stress!

Our curriculum-linked, evidence-based programs make teaching climate change easy and fun, and are designed to fit your needs.

Climate Curious? Guide

Our 20 page cartoon guide illustrated by Rosie Murrell answers children’s most asked questions about climate change, including what causes climate change, how it's affecting us, and how young people can take action.
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4 Week Curriculum Pack

Curious Climate Schools 4 Week Program - this includes lesson plans, printed guides, Q&A, an expert visit and copies of our Climate Curious? Guide for your class.
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Climate Game Incursions

Choose from three climate change and sustainability games to engage your class in thinking about how we can survive and thrive in a warmer world. Our trained facilitators bring these fun game workshops to you.
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Climate Curious? Guide

Based on years of experience working with climate scientists and our school kids (aka: our future generation) We have carefully designed this book to cover off the key climate change talking points and offer ways for people of all ages to understand the issues, how they affect us and what we can do about it.

20 page cartoon guide illustrated by Rosie Murrell, answering children’s most asked questions about:

  • what climate change is and how we know about it
  • how it is impacting Tasmania and Australia
  • how to cope with uncomfortable feelings about climate change
  • How to take part in climate action, individually, collectively and to influence systems.
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4 Week Curriculum Pack

The climate curious? teachers pack rounds out the offering by giving you a complete curriculum solution for climate change.  As an example: 5/6 focus on climate impacts and extreme weather.
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Teachers package with Curriculum connections for 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 includes:

  • Worksheets
  • Activity plans
  • Linked resources to support Inquiry
  • Teachers notes
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The Heat is On

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Some really cool stuff here about the incursion game.  what it is, what it looks like.  how it helps inquisitive minds and so on.

The Climate Curious? Teachers Incursion Game includes..... list features of game here and its benefits.

  • Teachers facilitate question brainstorming activity using our
  • Students investigate their questions by watching videos already available on the Curious Climate website
  • Classes discuss and update their questions and submit to CCS
  • Experts respond and teachers facilitate class discussion about
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We acknowledge the Palawa/Pakana people, the Traditional Custodians of lutrawita/Tasmania. We recognise and respect their collective wisdom and knowledge about country and change.
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