Curious Climate schools
Curious Climate schools

Curious Climate Schools

Answering students' questions about climate change

You ask and we answer.

Curious Climate Schools is back for 2023!

We're inviting teachers from Tasmania to register their classes now. We want to hear your students' questions about climate change! 
Our team of climate scientists, conservation biologists, fire scientists, chemists, lawyers, engineers, psychologists, social scientists, oceanographers, Indigenous knowledge specialists and health experts, are ready to answer any questions students throw at them. 
We'll also arrange for a climate expert to visit your class.
You can have a look at questions from 2021 and 2022 by searching for a particular topic, or looking at the questions we've organised into themes: most askedlooking ahead & taking action
There are also some resources on what's being done about climate change at a global level, how to handle feelings about climate change, and what you can do to be part of the solution.

Curious climate schools modell

your 2022 climate questions mapped

Click the button to view our Google Earth Map and find out where the questions are coming from.

Who is behind Curious Climate Schools? Curious Climate Schools is run by climate change and education researchers the University of Tasmania. It’s received funding from the Tasmanian Climate Change Office, the University’s School of Geography, Planning, and Spatial Sciences (GPSS), the University’s Centre for Marine Socioecology (CMS), and the University's Educational Outreach program . Curious Climate Schools builds on the first successful Curious Climate project which answered climate questions in communities around Tasmania.

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