Curious Climate schools
Curious Climate schools

Associate Professor Alice C. Hughes

Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Areas
Patterns of biodiversity
Why I do what I do
We are currently facing a global biodiversity crisis. My work aims to determine the drivers behind biodiversity losses, and develop approaches to enable more effective conservation of species and the ecosystems they depend on.
Something interesting about me
I've been working outside my home country for almost 14 years, in Thailand, Australia and China

Questions answered by this expert

Do you think climate change will be the cause of the earths demise? Why?

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Why isn’t Global Warming a number one priority for our government?

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Pangolins are being affected by climate change and deforestation. I wonder if climate change will make things unsustainable for pangolins by the increasing heat.

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Pangolin in Namibia. Photo from Pixabay
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