Curious Climate schools
Curious Climate schools

Professor Gretta Pecl

Centre for Marine Socioecology, University of Tasmania
Research Areas
Impacts of climate change on marine systems, adaptation of fisheries, aquaculture and conservation
Why I do what I do
I am really interested in how our natural world is responding to climate change, and how we can best adapt to those changes. Because I am concerned about climate change, I spend a lot of time on public communication and engagement as I hope that if people understand they might be more willing to act.
Something interesting about me
If I wasn't a scientist I would be a volunteer in a sloth sanctuary.

Questions answered by this expert

How long do you think with the way things are going right now before Earth becomes unliveable for humans?
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How does climate change affect our Earth, and how can we restore the damage that we've already done to it?
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How many years left do we have to fix the problem and if we can’t what will we end up having to do?
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When is climate change predicted to end & what is the best way to combat it?
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