Curious Climate schools
Curious Climate schools

We want to help you empower your students to ask their questions about climate change – and to have those questions answered directly by climate experts.

Curious Climate Schools is based on student-led inquiry

Teachers from more than 27 grade primary and secondary school classes from around Tasmania have been facilitating climate conversations with their students. 

Students came up with their own questions, and decided on the most important 10 questions their class wanted to submit. 

Some have submitted their questions as posters, or videos, others as text.

We have 57 experts in climate change who are busy answering all these questions. Our experts all work on different aspects of climate change, from Agricultural impacts to Bushfire to Climate modelling; we have conservation scientists, chemists, law professors, social scientists, engineers, geologists, oceanographers, paleoclimatologists and health scientists - and many more.

On 1 November, at the same time as COP26, the United Nations climate change negotiations, our website with all the students' questions and experts answers will go live. You'll be able to see which class asked what, and access video and webpage answers for every question. We'll also group questions by expert, by theme and those that are most asked.

As well as answers to all the questions, we're developing resources for students and teachers about 'What can I do?', how to deal with feelings about climate change, and what's being done by governments.

On 3 November, Curious Climate Schools will be featured on UCTV Alive for Kids.

All schools who registered interest in the program, including those that didn't submit their questions in time, will be offered an expert visit in the first two weeks of November.

For more information contact [email protected] 

Example of a question in an image

Example of a picture question from a Grade 5 student

Example of a video question from a Grade 5 student

The website will contain:

  • An interactive map of all the questions asked by students around Tasmania, with links to expert answers.
  • A thematic list of the top questions and answers in each region.
  • The answers will be given by named experts either in video format or in text and images on the website.
  • Where possible, we will organise an expert to speak directly to your class in person or online.

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